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What is GEL?

PageUp GEL offers visual style, accessible UI components, charts, editorial guidance, UX patterns, and branding released as a HTML & CSS framework, Sketch, and other PDF & AI templates and documented at produced by UX team in order to serve 10+ web apps, a few native app and limited branding products and experiences.


Foundations are broken down into two levels. Digital foundations are applicable to all our digital products — think of them as the overarching brand and digital guidelines. These can be brand look, tone, formatting, and guiding principles.

Product foundations are specific to a particular product(s), and cover guidelines for things like:

Core Components

It provides HTML, CSS, SASS and JavaScript to describe how all of the core interface elements should look and behave. The GUI can also be used as a point of reference for UX and UI designers.

Atomic design is the methodology we follow. There are five distinct levels in atomic design, Atoms, Molecules, Oraganisms, Templates and Pages.

Position Description


Understand how we approach design for our products with our core principles.